Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora originated in Turkey and was introduced into Europe in the 1600s and into America in 1962. In the 1900s the Turkish government started the selective breeding programme with the Ankara zoo, which still continues today. The Turkish Angora enjoys interactions with Humans and become devoted to their owners. They are very intelligent, and can easily be trained, which makes them an ideal family pet. They have a lively mischievous temperament but are extremely loving and enjoy relaxing too. The Turkish Angora has a beautiful longhaired coat that is fully developed at 2 years of age. It is of a fine texture without an undercoat which means that it doesn’t readily matt and grooming is an enjoyable procedure, as they love the attention.

Our Turkish Angoras are from an award winning Italian line from which came Yasmine, our foundation queen and firm family friend.  Yasmine is now joined by her adorable son Rocky, daughter Skye + granddaughter by Skye, Dora.

We have recently extended our Turkish Angora family to include New Stud Mickie, and Queen Shakhira. Please contact us via email or telephone for further details on kitten availability and pedigree lines.