The Bengal cat owes its name to its ancestor’s felis bengalencis (Asian leopard cat). The credit for the breed is given to Jean Sugden (now Jean Mills) who in Arizona in 1963 began her breeding programme by mating a black domestic cat with a female Asian leopard cat. Jean Mills’s programme continued and in 1984 the domestic Bengal that we know and love today was recognised by the international cat association. They have the stunning looks of the wild ancestry but the characteristics of a friendly playful domestic cat, suitable as a family pet. They have short rich luxurious fur that is glittery and velvet to the touch.

We thank Elaine Lomax, of Wildside Bengals, for entrusting us with our beloved Cleo, our foundation queen, who has given us much pleasure and 3 beautiful daughters Tiger Lily, Ashia and most recently Laylah.

We have recently extended the Bengal Family to include new stud ‘Adsetsh the king is here’ (Charlie). Please contact us via email or telephone for further details on kitten availability and pedigree lines.